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Get twice as many
App Store and Google Play installs
in 6 hours!

How does it work?

Appbooster is the platform that boosts the app visibility in the store.
Leave your rivals behind in the App Store and Google Play SERP. Increase the number of organic users and get an abundance of daily downloads. Monetize warm traffic and earn more!


SERP Promotion

65% of all iOS installations come from the search, 70% of which are top-3 apps

Reach the top in target queries and enrich your organic user base.

Rating Improvement
and Review Motivation

Statistics show that a 3-star rating reduces the number of downloads by half. Users only trust apps having 4+ stars and positive reviews.

Take care of your app’s rating!

Rich analytics


App Dashboard

Rating, current optimization, recent reviews, competition by keyword, campaign stats - track the entire progress on one page!


Rank Monitoring

We collect store data 6 times a day so you can see the success of your app as soon as possible. Evaluate the profits that high SERP positions will provide.


Competition Surveillance

Use the App Matrix to compare your visibility to your competitors and plan spending to push them out of the top spots.


Store Hints

Use the built-in hints to choose the most relevant and popular real-user search queries.

Kinks Worked Out

App launch on Day 2, 3, 31 —
to emulate the behaviors
Organic Traffic Forecast
Handy customizable ranking improvement notifications
Compare your app visibility with rivals
Express ASO Assessment - quickly find out the weaknesses of current optimization

Service and Support

Your personal account manager will consult on first steps and share fresh insights about internal store mechanisms
Chat/phone support costs you nothing - you only pay for the desired traffic volume


Working with Appbooster, you only pay for actual leads.
With that, you get analytical tools and support totally free.
per day
per day
App Dashboard
Competition Surveillance
Rank Monitoring
Online/Phone Support
Working with Appbooster, you only pay for actual leads.
With that, you get analytical tools and support totally free.
from $2.4
Set a challenging goal?
Explain your task to the personal manager as closely as possible, and we will configure the complex promotion strategy for you. We handle various KPIs and consult on analytics and project commercialization.

Frequently asked

What is incentive traffic?

Incentivized app installations are the installations that are performed by real users as a specific task for a small reward. Users are incentivized to install the app, hence the name. Sponsored installs are utilized on both major platforms - Android and iOS.

What incentive iOS and Android installs are used for?

Incentivized installations are the basis of App Store Optimization. It gives a jumpstart for growth in Category or in app’s rank by a keyword. You should understand that an app can’t grow just on incentive traffic - the mobile application must be useful and user-friendly. Search results page in the store is the biggest source of free organic downloads for applications. According to various estimates, between 47% and 65% of all downloads come from search. But as with web search, most of the users' attention goes to the first positions - up to 70% of installations go to applications that are in the top-3 of the search results. If you aren't one of the top 3, you lose the majority of organic installations.

Is using Appbooster - the incentive traffic exchange platform - safe?

Using incentive traffic is safe if you competently build your strategy. It is important that your organic and sponsored installs are about the same order of magnitude. If you have about 50 daily downloads of your app, and you decide to "pour" all the incentive traffic and attract 1000 visitors in a day, this will arouse suspicion of the App Store and Google Play. The same goes for a dramatic increase in app ratings and reviews.

How can you regulate the flow of motivated installs?

To promote safely, the Appbooster platform has a "Daily Limit" option - where you can specify how many installs per day would be appropriate for you. As your organic users number grows, you will be able to change this figure in your campaign settings.

Can I promote paid apps?

Yes, the Appbooster platform allows you to promote paid apps in the App Store and Google Play. Preferably, the cost of the app should be no more than 15 roubles. In this case, the cost of the application itself will be added to the install price on the platform. This part will be returned to you in the form of purchases, but minus the shop's commission. If your app is more expensive, we recommend lowering the price to 15 rubles for the period of the campaign so that you don't lose budget on Apple and Google commissions.

Does the platform have an app rank monitoring functionality?

Yes, on the Appbooster platform you can check the positions of your application in the App Store and Google Play. The statistics are updated every 4 hours.

Can the Appbooster platform help to improve retention rate?

Retention (retention, returns) is one of the most important indicators of mobile app quality. The Appbooster platform allows you to give incentivized users a task to return to the app some time after installation. We recommend that such users open the app at least two or three more times. This will let the app shop know that they are using it, that it is quality and in demand. The retention rate is particularly important in the Google Play Store. All these settings can be set in your personal account.

Is it possible to buy paid installs from any locale?

Appbooster works with all App Store locales. You can acquire the most installs - up to the whole 5000 / five thousand - for boosting queries in the Tier 1 countries: USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa, UK.