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Cookie Policy

We use cookies, web beacons, and other similar techniques to distinguish you from other users of our resource. This allows for convenient use and improvement of our website.

What cookies are

Basically, cookies are small pieces of text data stored in the browser (mobile or desktop) after a user visits different websites. Cookies are widely used for website maintenance and statistics collection.

How we use cookies

The data we collect with the aid of cookies helps us analyze how people use our website — based on this, we will be able to make the portal even more intuitive and robust.
If you give your consent to our use of your personal data, they will be stored in cookies. This measure ensures secure login to the personal account, which is a technical imperative.

Types of cookies we use

Technical cookies

One cannot block using these functional cookies when visiting our website, as these components support the proper operation of the resource. These cookies include those collecting data whether it is allowed to use other cookies of our website.

Session cookies and persistent cookies

These cookies let the user login to the personal account, make use of its functions, or work with the electronic payment system. Such cookies are deleted when you finish the session (leave the website). We also can use long-standing cookies designed to «remember» your preferences and selections you make while staying on our website. These cookies live for a year.

Analytical cookies

We employ web analytics to assess website use and collect input data to enhance our proposals. The information we get this way can be anonymously transferred to the web analytics server, and then processed and kept there. We can use analytics tools and respective cookies of the following service providers:

Google Analytics: Google Privacy Policy
Yandex.Metrika: Yandex Privacy Policy

Web beacons

Web beacons are small images (often referred to as pixel tags or clear GIFs) which can be deployed on our websites or embedded into our services, applications, messages, and tools. Web beacons can be used for a plethora of purposes, including performance evaluation of our websites, visitor count and behavior monitoring, calculation of the share of read emails in the overall number of sent emails, advertising efficiency assessment, and calculation of the webpage, text, and link views.

Similar data storage techniques

Similar data storage techniques allow saving certain data in the web browser’s cache or device memory with the use of local public-use objects or locally-saved data (such as Flash and HTML 5 cookies and other online applied software elements). These techniques are compatible with any web browser. Sometimes, it is impossible to fully manage the locally-saved data in the web browser. In this case, one will need special tools. We may use such data storage techniques to protect your account or detect unusual browsing activities, in order to prevent unauthorized access to your account or evaluate the performance of our websites, services, applications, or tools.

How to enable or disable cookies

Most browsers automatically accept cookies. One can delete the cookies saved on their device at any time. To learn how to do it, please read the browser or device guide.

Also, one can disable all cookies or only certain ones in the browser settings. However, all browsers are different, so one can find more details on cookie settings in the Help section of your browser.

By disabling cookies, one may significantly restrict functions our websites could offer.